Puma Mihara MY-41 Black/White/Green

60 ~ 80 USD

Puma Mihara MY-41 Black/White/Green
The famous Puma Mihara MY-41 Black/White/Green gets and update that is sure to impress.
Good news, Puma Sport Fashion Mihara Shoes has been lifted on our website now, especially for Men's Mihara Shoes which has been the best-seller in USA. Imagine the feeling when you are walking with this Puma Mihara MY-41 Black/White/Green on a beautiful lawn where butterflies are flitting from flower to flower. That is a really happy and contented feeling.
Molded foam comfort heel offers a secure fit.
Outsole is gum rubber with a vulcanized sole attachment.
Sockliner made of slow-recovery foam enhances comfort and cushioning.
Forefoot plate features dynamic flex for a more natural foot plant on takeoff.
Full-length polyurethane misole provides durability, stability, and cushioning for all day comfort.

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