Puma Usan Running Shoes White/Navy

63.75 ~ 85 USD

Puma Usan Running Shoes White/Navy
Puma Usan Running Shoes White/Navy's most popular people's silhouette- the Puma Usan Running Shoes White/Navy.
Blending in popular amorous feeling and fashion color, this Puma Usan Running Shoes White/Navy give you the new experience for running. Runners who can do best with this soft-soled and flexible Puma Running Shoes . With abrasion-resistant rubber outsole and cushioned midsole for support, this Fashion Puma Shoes can well reduce the stress that could damage knees.
Solarsoft foam midsole for enhanced comfort.
Synthetic and mesh upper offers a breathable feel.
Sit-in midsole with IU foam provides a lightweight, yet stable ride.
Vibram outsole delivers reliable traction and ground feel ideal for strength straining.
IDEAL Pressure Zones evenly distribute the force and pressure of impact throughout the heel, midfoot, and forefoot to help feet stay fresh and fast.

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