Puma Fluxion II Darkblack/White

80.25 ~ 107 USD

Puma Fluxion II Darkblack/White
That's what you'll get from the Puma Fluxion II Darkblack/White.
Puma Fluxion II Darkblack/White is characterized by not only high quality, but also creative styles mixed with classical style. Mení»s Puma Fluxion II offers a great blend of a smooth natural ride, flexibility, soft feel. It gives us faster, bright feeling. You must love this Fashion Puma Shoes so much.
REVlite midsole for responsive cushioning.
Gum rubber outsole for added style and traction.
NDurance rubber outsole compound for durability in high wear areas.
Internal heel counter holds the foot securely in place over the footbed.
Dynamic Flywire cables are designed to tighten, locking down your foot for even more support and stability.

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