Puma Fluxion II Coffee/White

80.25 ~ 107 USD

Puma Fluxion II Coffee/White
Step up your game in these Puma Fluxion II Coffee/White shoes.
Puma Fluxion II Coffee/White is characterized by not only high quality, but also creative styles mixed with classical style. Mení»s Puma Fluxion II offers a great blend of a smooth natural ride, flexibility, soft feel. It gives us faster, bright feeling. You must love this Fashion Puma Shoes so much.
Molded EVA midsole adds cushioning.
Cut-outs in the outsole offer 360 degrees of breathability.
Soft Phylon midsole core for cushioning right where you need it most.
Medial post limits pronation, encouraging a more natural, comfortable running stride.
ASICS High Abrasion Rubber in high-wear areas of the outsole for dependable traction without extra weight.

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