Puma Complete aX-Alps Grey/Green

64.5 ~ 86 USD

Puma Complete aX-Alps Grey/Green
Born from running culture, these Puma Complete aX-Alps Grey/Green shoes deliver the freedom of a cage-free design.
As one of our favorite stripped-down, low-profile and ultra-grip trail Puma Running Shoes , this version of Puma Complete aX-Alps Grey/Green offers a superb flexibility, cushioning and low-profile comfort for us. Thus you can be packed with style as well as performance because of this Fashion Puma Shoes .
TPU heel keeps your foot locked into place.
TPU piece on the heel counter provides a locked-down fit.
Cloudwave technology midsole gives you an unbeatable smooth ride.
Articulated Phylite carrier for flexible, lightweight cushioning that's also durable.
VaporMax Air tech in the midsole offers an unparalleled level of cushioning and responsiveness.

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