First Round RP Sneakers Beige/Lightpurple

63.75 ~ 85 USD

First Round RP Sneakers Beige/Lightpurple
Blow past your defenders in the First Round RP Sneakers Beige/Lightpurple.
You must have many shoes. But to be truth the shoes at your top of list are not your favorite, right? If you if you have similar felling, you can look at Puma First Round RP Sneakers Beige/Lightpurple in our puma online store where discount Puma Shoes are hot sale. The classical high cut style matched with the all black color has built a feeling of elegant and noble, which is more suitable to your disposition.
Solid rubber outsole for durability.
Internal heel counter holds the foot firmly in place.
High top silhouette stands out on the shelf and offers ankle support.
Molded sockliner mimics the natural curve of the foot for a great fit, comfort and support.
Each Flyknit yarn has been dipped in TPU so no additional coating is required, maximizing ball-to-foot contact.

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