Lazy Insect Low Shoes White/Black 01

53.25 ~ 71 USD

Lazy Insect Low Shoes White/Black 01
The Lazy Insect Low Shoes White/Black 01 brings back the vintage look of the original trail shoe.
Make your own Puma Shoes online! For Puma Lazy Insect Low Shoes White/Black in our Puma online shop, you can be absolutely satisfied with it. The combination of full leather upper and light weight feature make an unprecedented effect for shoes. Similar to most people, you must be the next one who has been attracted.
Integrated bands support lateral movement.
Deep flex grooves help the foot's natural range of motion.
Three adjustable straps offer a personalized fit for every foot.
Dual density midsole with Charged Lite in the forefoot for a responsive ride.
Flight Flex pattern allows the foam to flex in all directions for a barefoot feel to the soft platform.

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