Puma Basketball II Sneakers Black/Beige/Yellow

63.75 ~ 85 USD

Puma Basketball II Sneakers Black/Beige/Yellow
The Puma Basketball II Sneakers Black/Beige/Yellow updates the iconic running profile for everyday comfort.
As a basketball and Puma fans, you can not live without a good pair of Puma Basket Shoes. The leather construction designed for Puma Basket II Sneakers will completely protect your feet. If you are fond of this kind, our puma online shop is pleased to serve you and we are looking forward to your visit.
EVA midsole provides comfort and stability.
Guidance Line Technology makes your stride more efficient.
Durable rubber outsole with traction for artificial surfaces.
Lightweight TPU plate with round and bladed studs more maximum traction.
Rubber from the outsole wraps up the midsole for better traction and long-lasting durability.

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