Puma Basketball Shoes Black/Grey/White

60.75 ~ 81 USD

Puma Basketball Shoes Black/Grey/White
Get it all with the Puma Basketball Shoes Black/Grey/White, a shoe that locks you in with its comfortable flyknit upper and seamless heel support.
It is the supreme mission to make an end-game player for Puma Basket Shoes. The materials' quality with leaps and bounds used for this Puma Basket Shoes Black/Grey/White has realized the super strongness and lightness support function. The design of outsole took the rubber texture forges stronger grip. Such superior Basket Shoes are waiting for your collection. Click to Puma Basket Shoes Black/Grey/White More Info...   WE ALSO SUGGEST PUMA SHOES      
Strobel construction offers flexible strength.
S-257 cushsole for even more cushioning and flexibility.
Seam-sealed construction prevents water from getting into your boots.
Parallel Wave and U4ic midsole combines for fast, lightweight, responsive cushioning.
Four-way stretch heel and external butterfly heel counter work together to wrap the Achilles, lightly holding your foot in place over the footbed without restricting your natural movement.

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