Caterpillar Shoes Black/White

60 ~ 80 USD

Caterpillar Shoes Black/White
Lightweight design and extreme traction propel this Caterpillar Shoes Black/White shoe across the finish, helping you set a new PR.
Featured with letter upper and concise design, this Puma Caterpillar Shoes Black/White is really value for money. The simple line of this comfortable Puma Caterpillar Shoes shows the superior leisure with fashion sense for you. You know, the place where you go is the focus. And we wholesale this kind of Puma Shoes at a very cheap price, which is your worth paying.
Hyperfuse taping on the seams for comfort.
Solid rubber for durability and traction for the court.
Foam carrier lower on medial side for lateral side stability.
Translucent rubber outsole for excellent traction on multiple surfaces.
Lightweight TPU plate with purposeful stud configuration provides flexibility, traction and comfort.

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