Ducati Borgo Sneakers Beige/Silver

60 ~ 80 USD

Ducati Borgo Sneakers Beige/Silver
Athletically-inspired with a nod to the Ducati Borgo Sneakers Beige/Silver style of the 80s, these kicks are sure to make a statement.
Nowadays, the Puma Sneakers has also become a kind of culture. This unique culture has created a batch of people who really love and collect the sneakers. In particular, the Puma Ducati Borgo Sneakers Beige/Silver which comes from the series of Puma Ducati Shoes is completely worth wearing and collecting.
Aggressive allover texture helps enhance touch.
External heel counter holds the foot securely in place.
Rounded heel creates a smooth transition from heelstrike to toe-off.
Dynamic Hammock System wraps the foot for a snug, sock-like fit that moves with you.
Model with Leather upper has a Reflective Ankle strap, the other Ankle straps do not have the reflective detail.

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