Puma Fluxion II Shoes Brown/Tan

55.5 ~ 74 USD

Puma Fluxion II Shoes Brown/Tan
Lightweight and responsive, the Puma Fluxion II Shoes Brown/Tan features a fast-drying, reflective upper to keep you safe and visible when running at night.
Time flies, the changing is your growth of health and no change is the quality guarantee of Mení»s Puma Shoes . We believe once puma has brought you a lot of joy and move, which will continue because of Puma Fluxion II Shoes Brown/Tan. Thus, Puma Shoes on sale in our shop which can offer you this move.
Pull tabs for easy on and off.
Tongue and vamp is an open mesh for enhanced breathability.
Element linings wick away sweat, keeping you dry, fresh, and focused.
Flyknit upper stretches and conforms to your foot for a customized, natural feel.
SpEVA improves bounce-back characteristics and prevents midsole breakdown for added comfort.

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