H-Moc Shoes White/Black

62.25 ~ 83 USD

H-Moc Shoes White/Black
H-Moc Shoes White/Black logo badges throughout pay tribute to the legend.
Puma H-Moc Shoes White/Black provides people not only nice looking but also special sole design, which is the obvious difference between this Puma H-Moc Shoes and other casual shoes that is also the reason why this shoe is more comfortable and weightless than others. Enjoy leisure life all in Puma H-Moc Shoes on www.19puma.cc.
EVA midsole for lightweight, durable cushioning.
Tongue and forefoot are integrated for a comfortable feel.
Partial mesh bootie wraps the foot for a snug, sock-like fit.
Wide hook-and-loop strap holds the foot firmly in place throughout the throwing motion.
Stays true to the AF1 look and style you love, while dropping weight to keep you light on your feet.

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