H-Moc Shoes Chocolate/Black

62.25 ~ 83 USD

H-Moc Shoes Chocolate/Black
Half price sale for H-Moc Shoes Chocolate/Black.
If you like the chocolate, just try to choose this Puma H-Moc Shoes Chocolate/Black. The strong chocolate can make your feet look more perfect and delicate. Attracted by its unique design, most young people are enjoying walking with this Puma H-Moc Shoes in the street. At the same time the price in our website is really competitive.
EVA cushioning in the midsole.
DiamondFlex outsole for multi-directional movement.
Durable rubber tread provides traction on a variety of surfaces.
Full-length boost midsole turns every step into energy, propelling you forward on your run.
EVERUN Landing Zone under the heel for maximum energy return as you transition from heelstrike to toe-off.

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