Mihara MY-41 White/Red/Blue

60 ~ 80 USD

Mihara MY-41 White/Red/Blue
The Mihara MY-41 White/Red/Blue is ready to change the game.
We believe that good shoes start with high texture. Puma Mihara MY-41 White/Red/Blue has been made of right material and excellent workmanship. Together with the soft feeling, this Mihara Shoes is easy to wear and long lasting. If you are interested in this Puma Mihara Shoes, you can have a try and also recommend to other friends. Thank you for your time.
Velvet collar and laces for a feminine touch.
Rubber midsole and outsole provide comfort and traction.
Rounded heel for better alignment minimizing stress on the joints.
UltraCush™ Lite foam outsole and footbed improves comfort and reduces weight.
Heel Segmented Crash Pad allows flexibility for a smooth transition from heelstrike to toe-off.

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