Puma Schumacher Trainers Black/Yellow

62.25 ~ 83 USD

Puma Schumacher Trainers Black/Yellow
This breathable, slip-on Puma Schumacher Trainers Black/Yellow shoe is the perfect choice for when temperatures rise.
As we all know Puma Shoes Brands are very well know in the world and also have been many famous people¡¯s supplier. Thereinto, this Puma Schumacher Trainers Black/Yellow is the official supplier of Puma Racing Shoes to Michael Schumacher, which is committed to being the one of most famous person who greatly influences the motorsport field.
Stainless steel spikes add durability.
A classic court-inspired rubber outsole for traction.
Rubber midsole and outsole for durability, traction, and some height.
Premium leathers from an LWG Silver-rated tannery provide comfort and durability.
Non-marking rubber outsole with enhanced traction control to help you make quick cuts in the open floor and explosive crossovers in the half-court.

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