Puma Schumacher Trainers Red/Black/White

62.25 ~ 83 USD

Puma Schumacher Trainers Red/Black/White
Blends Puma Schumacher Trainers Red/Black/White with winterized materials and rugged outdoor style to deliver a warm, durable, and waterproof solution ideal for trekking city streets in snowy weather.
As we all know Puma Shoes Brands are very well know in the world and also have been many famous people¡¯s supplier. Thereinto, this Puma Schumacher Trainers Red/Black/White is the official supplier of Puma Racing Shoes to Michael Schumacher, which is committed to being the one of most famous person who greatly influences the motorsport field.
Synthetic lining offers comfort.
Midsole: Max Air unit provides responsive cushioning.
200 grams of PrimaLoft® insulationhelps keep active feet warm.
Internal strap system wraps the midfoot for added support where you need it most.
Impact Guidance System uses linked components to enhance your natural stride and deliver a more powerful run.

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