Puma Suede 2011 Green/White

63.75 ~ 85 USD

Puma Suede 2011 Green/White
Highly responsive and extremely stable, your workouts deserve the Puma Suede 2011 Green/White.
It seems to be that this Puma Suede 2011 Green/White is a nice alternative instead of the usual suede styles for this summer. You know that this New Puma Shoes is adopted a new technology principle and new design concept, which has naturally been the darling of fashion. Well, if you want to stand in the forefront of fashion, you can buy Puma Suede 2011 now.
SATRA tested to withstand -40 C/F.
Suede upper creates a style that gains character with time.
Notched studs in heel the heel assist in making quicker stops.
Full-length Pebax® six-spike plate for extreme power transfer from the track.
3D shank wraps up around the sidewall, providing a flexible platform and increased lateral stability.

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