Puma Suede 2011 Grey/Orange

63.75 ~ 85 USD

Puma Suede 2011 Grey/Orange
For responsive cushion that delivers comfort mile after mile, lace up the Puma Suede 2011 Grey/Orange for your next run.
This season, Puma introduces this Puma Suede 2011 Grey/Orange for all fans of Puma Archive Shoes . Now, we can have preview of these suede built shoes. The label anticipates the same kind of hype with the re-release of the shoes and the mid cut version of the Puma Suede has also been making the rounds. The more importance is that this style has more selection for color choice.
Rubber outsole provides traction.
Flex grooves in the outsole offer a natural range of motion.
Modern design celebrates the original All Star from the '70s.
Continental Rubber outsole for durable traction on dry and wet surfaces.
boost™ midsole cushioning returns energy with every step, propelling you to a faster, more comfortable run.

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