Suede Fat Lace Shoes White/Blue/Yellow

69 ~ 92 USD

Suede Fat Lace Shoes White/Blue/Yellow
These Suede Fat Lace Shoes White/Blue/Yellow sneakers retain the original style with new modern enhancements.
Maybe you have found that each pair of our Puma Suede Fat Shoes has a name of city. In this kind of Puma Suede Fat Lace Shoes White/Blue/Yellow, Boston is the title city with the signature striping. What is more, the soft rubber sole provides a comfortable feet feeling. All of above can be only found on this Puma Fat Lace Shoes.
Solyte midsole delivers lightweight cushioning.
Cored-out outsole enhances flexibility and comfort.
400 grams of PrimaLoft insulation helps keep active feet warm.
Rubber outsole supplies durability and traction on a range of surfaces.
Midfoot support saddle wraps the foot and is adjustable through the laces, allowing you to customize your level of lockdown.

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