Puma Suede Shoes Brown/Grey

63.75 ~ 85 USD

Puma Suede Shoes Brown/Grey
Train hard, play hard in the Puma Suede Shoes Brown/Grey.
Puma Suede Shoes Brown/Grey is one of the most well-known and popular Puma Shoes Brands . Most people love its classical design and high texture. This Classical Puma Shoes features a soft and supple suede leather upper and ultra durable solid rubber outsole, which is very comfortable for wear and perfect fit.
Oversized REEBOK design on the upper for style.
Pebax plate for snappy energy return with every step.
Lightweight foam midsole provides cushioned comfort and flexibility.
Wider sipes across the forefoot for muscle activation and a more barefoot-like experience.
STRETCHWEB outsole construction allows boost particles to freely expand on impact so they return the most energy possible at toe-off.

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