Puma Suede Shoes Black/Beige

63.75 ~ 85 USD

Puma Suede Shoes Black/Beige
The Puma Suede Shoes Black/Beige is built to flex and expand with the movements of your foot to give you the comfort you need all workout long.
Puma Suede Shoes Black/Beige is one of the most well-known and popular Puma Shoes Brands . Most people love its classical design and high texture. This Classical Puma Shoes features a soft and supple suede leather upper and ultra durable solid rubber outsole, which is very comfortable for wear and perfect fit.
IU midsole for lightweight cushioning.
Rubber outsole gives you traction and durability.
Rubber outsole with Dynamic Flex sole flexes with every step.
Blown rubber outsole for extra cushioning and durable traction on any surface.
Flywire cables are integrated into the laces to offer you a custom fit without restricting your mobility.

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