Speed Cat SD Shoes Tan/Black

55.5 ~ 74 USD

Speed Cat SD Shoes Tan/Black
Cutting-edge Fresh Foam cushioning makes these Speed Cat SD Shoes Tan/Black shoes the most comfortable fit for your run.
In PUMA history, it is Puma Speed Cat Shoes which is admired all the time since introduced. Best functionality and availability can be witnessed in the soft suede upper and durable outsole. Such good shoes, our Puma Shoes Website has made a special introduced of course. High quality, competitive price and safe delivery are ready for you.
EVA midsole for comfort with every step.
Rubber outsole for durable traction in any conditions.
Internal TPU shank for torsional rigidity and mid-foot support.
Asymmetrical construction creates lateral support with material and molding.
Full-length polyurethane misole provides durability, stability, and cushioning for all day comfort.

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