Speed Cat SD Trainers Grey/Pink

53.25 ~ 71 USD

Speed Cat SD Trainers Grey/Pink
Inspired by the Weeknd's world travels, the Speed Cat SD Trainers Grey/Pink features bold colors and a military-inspired silhouette.
There are so many brands in the shoes market, but few do really good. Puma Shoes Brand has seen a good niche in this market and have accomplish something marks. Now, better materials and R&D of this Puma Speed Cat SD Trainers Grey/Pink have eventually got the performance aspects. Believe me, it's a regular love fest up in here for Puma Shoes fans.
TPU heel insert adds support and stability.
A rubber midsole and a rubber outsole maximizes durability.
Woven external heel support for additional stability and structure.
Water-resistant leather upper and WaterShield lining keep you dry and keep you going.
A full-length Micro G foam midsole offers responsive comfort to absorb impact and bounce back with energy.

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